We are a Mongolian community specialized in the provision of travel and hospitality services in the UNESCO World Heritage Orkhon Valley in Mongolia. We are committed to giving you the best possible travel experience in this amazing region of Mongolia.




Located in the Khangai mountain range, more than 400 km away from the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, and spanning on more than 120,000 hectares, the Orkhon Valley contains the largest density of natural and cultural resources of Mongolia. For centuries, it was the spiritual center of the ancient nomads who worshiped Tenger, the eternal blue sky. Several nomadic nations successively established their capitals in the valley and left valuable archeological remains such as the Orkhon Inscriptions, Khar Balgas or Karakorum. When Buddhism became the dominant religion in Mongolia, several monasteries were erected in this region of great spiritual value. In addition to these cultural resources, the Orkhon Valley boasts extraordinary natural sites and landscapes such as the area of the 8 lakes or its numerous hot springs. Orkhon camp is located only 7 km kilometers away from Ulaan Tsutgalan, the largest waterfall of Mongolia. 

Orkhon Camp is a friendly and reasonably priced ger camp located at the heart of the World Heritage Orkhon Valley. It is surrounded by a beautiful environment and offers plenty of activities such as fishing, horse riding, archery or rafting. (more info) 

Orkhon Tours offers a limited range of tours which are carefully designed to give you the best travel experiences in Mongolia. All our tours include horse riding, trekking, rafting and the discovery of nomadic lifestyle. (more info). 




1/Local community

Our office is located in Ulaanbaatar and our team has a long experience in the field of tourism in Mongolia. We designed our tours by experiencing them ourselves and making sure that they are the most enjoyable and exciting experiences for you. Besides, our camp is located in the Orkhon Valley which is one of the most remarkable destinations to visit in Mongolia. Our foothold in the valley gives us logistic superiority over our competitors and allow to give you the best possible tours for a very reasonable price.


2/Great guides

Our guides are experienced travelers who know every corner of the Orkhon Valley. They can speak English and French and some of them also speak Russian. They are proficient in horse riding and rafting and they have a broad knowledge on Mongolian history and culture which they will be delighted to share with you.


3/Varied, copious and healthy food

The meals served in Orkhon Camp are cooked by our own chef with local bio products such as our own-grown vegetables or meat and dairy products bought from the local producers. Our meals are composed of a first course, a main course and a dessert. We can provide vegetarian dishes for those who wish. When we are not at the camp, we always make sure to bring you to restaurants that provides great food for you. 


4/Great Safety

All our tours include outdoor activities such as horse riding or rafting. Therefore, we have every necessary equipment to ensure your safety: life jackets and helmets for rafting, helmets for horse riding. Our guides always carry medikits with them in case of emergency. 


5/Very competitive prices

Our tours are not only among the best in terms of comfort and activities but also among the cheapest in the market because we have the ambition to make tourism in the Orkhon valley affordable for most people. 


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